About British MMA Professional Fighter, Khalid Ismail

Hi, I’m Khalid Ismail, (WAKO 2005, 2007, 2008 British Heavyweight Champion and BASMAA British Champion 1998-2001), I started at the tender age of 5 in Karate.  However, I felt something was missing with karate and I subsequently began kickboxing training with Shihan Greg Wallace until he retired in 2001.

I then took up training with Sensei Cris Mcniesh in kickboxing and Terry Dunstan former British and cruiser weight champion.  I added Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to my repertoire in 2000, followed by Olympic freestyle wrestling in 2001 and I now compete in both these disciplines.  My debut MMA fight was in October 2010 and I had a brilliant training camp 16 weeks of intense work.  For this fight I also travelled to a camp in Morocco to get away from everything and just focus entirely on the fight.  When I got back I was ready to get in there!


I train myself and other professional fighters at my gym and fitness centre in Chadwell Heath, which I founded in 2006 after becoming disillusioned with the approach of the larger mainstream clubs.  I wanted to give people somewhere to train which had everything a beginner or serious trainer would want from a gym.  And so, LDG Fitness Centre in Chadwell Heath was born; giving people a friendly, affordable high quality establishment in which to train.

Following the success of the gym in Chadwell Heath, I opened a brand new centrally located Romford branch on January 16 2010.  The Centre gained a record number of new members in the first few months, all joining to take advantage of the amazing membership deal, benefiting from an excellent range of brand new equipment and unbeatable selection of fitness and martial arts classes.

Together with running two successful fitness centres, I also manage to train twice a day, six days per week!  I work on my fitness, strength and conditioning and hone my technique in all disciplines to ensure I am as prepared for my fights as I can be.

I am very keen to communicate the passion, self respect and discipline that training in Martial Arts brings me to other people.  I have recently been doing more work with young people at youth centres in and around London and also teaching both adults and youngsters at LDG.


In terms of my career, I want to work “onwards and upwards” to fulfil my professional potential in MMA.  After my win last year, (see fight report against Tommy Kelly as featured in Martial Arts Illustrated) I went on to fight Wayne Brown and secured victory in just 8 seconds, (see fight report featured in Martial Arts Illustrated and video coverage on my site).

However, I have suffered a recent setback in my career plans.  I now have to conquer an injury I sustained whilst training for my fight.  I was due to fight on UCMMA’S HANDS OF WAR 24 on the 22nd of October but during one of the last training sessions, I tore my bicep tendon clean off.  Due to medical advice I had to pull out and have it operated on straight away.  However, I believe everything happens for a reason – this is a little set back and I plan to be back sometime in 2012, god willing. As a martial artist we are constantly reminded things might not go your way, but through training and understanding of our arts we train our minds to be as strong as our bodies.  So with hard work and a positive mental attitude I look forward to seeing you all cage side in 2012!

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